O'Town Food Hall & Tap House


We regret to inform everyone that O’Town Food Hall and Tap House will close permanently as of today, April 23rd, 2024. We apologize to anyone inconvenienced by this immediate action, but we cannot continue operating financially. We have struggled with sales and staffing since the Covid Pandemic, but our often-extreme efforts have only realized minimal gains, if any.

O’Town Food Hall & Tap House sincerely thanks the people of O’Fallon and the surrounding areas for their support the last one and half years.

We will be reaching out individually to group reservations to ensure they are aware of the immediate closing, and we have informed the staff. We are grateful for the boundless opportunities available in the current market for job seekers and wish them the best of luck.

We close this restaurant with a heavy heart, but we are grateful for the friendships, business and memories created.